Photon OS

Set Up Docker Credential Store on VMware Photon

If you’re using ESXi hypervisors and Docker, you’re probably using VIC or running it on an Ubuntu VM. But recently we tried VMware’s new “Minimal Linux Container Host”, Photon OS. With Photon, you can install packages using tdnf. To keep it minimalist, we avoided adding any additional repositories, but this made it surprisingly difficult to[…]

Google Play Music Manager Login Failed

Google Play Music Manager on a Virtual Machine

The first time you install Google Play Music Manager on a virtual machine you will probably receive the error, “Login failed. Could not identify your computer.” You’ll definitely experience this on any VMware ESXi virtual machines. Google currently doesn’t support virtual machines. Therefore, Music Manager on a virtual machine in Hyper-V or XenServer will likely[…]

Windows Server 2016 Version 1607

Windows 2016 Shares Not Working via Hostname

Some versions of Windows 2016 have an authentication issue which causes shares to not work via hostname. Shares continue to work via IP, but a registry change must be made for the share to work via hostname. You should first verify that you are definitely not experiencing a DNS issue or a cached credential issue;[…]

Cisco Meraki VLAN 1

Cisco Meraki DHCP Reservations and VLANs

DHCP is easy to configure on a Cisco Meraki in smaller environments without a dedicated server. Meraki DHCP reservations and settings can be tricky though if you switch between enabling/disabling VLANs. Unless you are sure you will never use VLANs, you should Enable VLANs before creating any DHCP reservations and settings. Although the subnet and[…]

How Azure AD Connect works

Managing Office 365 via Active Directory

The company has moved from an on-premise Exchange Server to Office 365. You have set up AD Connect to sync all your data and passwords. You have decommissioned and uninstalled all local instances of Exchange Server. Suddenly you discover that you must manage Office 365 via Active Directory, and it seems impossible to because many[…]

Connect using Windows RSAT with a Non-Domain Joined Machine

When deploying your first Windows Server Core installation, you may find yourself having difficulty managing the server using Windows RSAT. This may be because there is no DOMAIN and one or both the server and workstation are part of a WORKGROUP. Below is the method I use to ensure initial access from a workstation using[…]

Spoofing block rule for Office 365

Block Spam and Phishing from Spoofed Emails in Office 365

The more we rely on email, the more susceptible we are to spam and phishing attempts by cyber frauders. Recently, yet another company lost 3.8 million when they made a bank transfer requested by a spoofed email. How did it happen? The attackers set up an email account that mirrored [Alutiiq CEO] Hambright’s email address[…]